• Personal Heath Record Portal: As a sub-contractor to EDS, we led the technical team that developed and deployed key functionality on the VAs MyHealtheVet portal, which provides Veterans the ability to review and manage their Personal Health Record online. Successful completion of this project involved the development of HL7 interfaces to exchange information with over 130 medical facilities that maintain the pharmacy data for the veterans, development of middleware to handle the messaging between the portal server and the medical facilities and the persistence of data on the portal’s database, and development of a user friendly interface to allow the veterans to easily review their prescriptions and submit requests for refills. The application went through a stringent 3-month alpha/beta evaluation at a few of the medical facilities and passed both stages with flying colors.

    The Secretary of the Department of Veteran Affairs, James Nicholson, made the following announcement about the prescription refill functionality that SYSNET International developed: “VA’s MyHealtheVet prescription refill service is proving to be extremely successful in providing America’s veterans with fast, easy and secure access to their important medications,”.
  • Image Management System: As a sub-contractor to Northrop Grumman IT, we designed, developed, and deployed an Document/Image Management System that is currently used by all branches of the military and that manages the life-cycle of over 70 million drawings. Our staff led the initial architecture and design of the system, which was built as a J2EE application deployed on top of the WebLogic and Oracle application servers with an Oracle database for persistence of the document metadata. Our staff then supported the enhancement, maintenance, and technical refresh of the system by providing services on the full software development life-cycle, and training services to team members and system end-users.