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Tuning J2EE Application Servers

In this paper we discuss tuning approaches for J2EE application servers. After covering tuning options at the architectural level of a J2EE application, we discuss the impact of garbage collection and the JVM on application server performance, talk about benchmarking, load-testing and monitoring of applications servers.
The paper is available here in PDF format.

Transfer Binary Data in an XML Document

XML has gained popularity as a platform- and language-independent format for transferring data across systems. In situations where you need to transfer binary data within an XML document, you must encode that binary data into an acceptable character format. This tip describes three different encoding approaches ranging from the simple to the most sophisticated techniques.
The paper is available here in PDF format.

Using EJBs and XML for Implementing an Image Management System

This paper describes and discusses the design and implementation of the JEDMICS OAI system, an EJB-based API that provides access to image data that is stored on a variety of storage media and metadata stored in a relational database system. The main focus of the paper is the use of XML as the portable data exchange solution, and its integration with the object oriented core of the system and the relational database that forms the persistent storage.
The paper is available here in PDF format.

Configuring the Windows 2000 I/O Subsystem

The Windows 2000 operating system brought considerable changes to the capabilities and configuration options of the I/O subsystem over those available with the Windows NT operating system. This paper will cover, in terms of impact on performance, the options available for configuring this very critical component of Windows 2000. We will describe the available choices at each layer of processing moving from the hardware level to the file system and application layer.
The paper is available here in PDF format.

Tuning the Performance of the Weblogic Application Server

The J2EE platform is a specification of a group of Java technologies and an application model for building enterprise applications using the Java language. The latest release of the Weblogic application server from BEA Systems has complete support for the J2EE platform and is currently the most popular server for building J2EE applications. In this paper we provide an introductory tutorial to the J2EE platform, the architecture of an application server, and then cover tuning options for the Weblogic server.
The paper is available here in PDF format.